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Christmas Market Food

My husband and I made it safely to Vancouver, that was a 17 hour trip in total. First through Llyodminster, then Edmonton, through Jasper and then a night over at Valemont. From there we went through Kamloops and all the way to Vancouver. After a little break at the Bed & Breakfast we went over to the German Christmas Market Read the rest of this entry

Saskatoon Farmers Market

Not overly crowded, but it was cold that day.

As you figured by now I don’t post over the weekend. I probably would have time to do so, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Or I am so busy with things that I don’t have time. Saturdays have a certain routine for us. Usually I talk to my mother in Germany, then we go to the Farmers Market, after that we either go grocery shopping or swimming, though swimming hasn’t happen in a long while.

I like Farmers Markets and the one in Saskatoon is certainly a little jewel.

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Photography – Light

This is how your food should look like, sharp and crisp colours.

This post is related to the food presented here but obviously it’s no recipe. I just thought I share my thoughts on food photography especially my issues with it. Let me start with what I use, which is probably very simple to some other bloggers out there.

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