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Hi, I am Andrea and I’m from Germany, born and raised and exposed to grandiose food. The girls in my family are geniuses in the kitchen, and the boys do very well at the grill. Food is a passion of mine, especially baking and my mother introduced me to that art fairly early. Starting with a simple cake and working my way up to muffins. Germany has a rich culture of baked goods, anything from a simple cake to lovely little treats.

Life has brought me to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (say that three times fast) in Canada and here I am by myself to make all those beloved treats from back home. My new family is more than willing to be the guinea pig and I am glad they enjoy it as much as I do.

Of course there is a difference between the two cultures, even in baking. I learn more about decorating cakes, cupcakes and cookies than I could have ever imagined. Besides, there are different foods here and cultures to go with each. My kitchen is always open for suggestions and I like to be adventurous and see where it takes me.

I’d like to share what I find on the way with anyone who is interested. The least it will be a blog to keep track of my recipes. But I hope people will be inspired and encourage to try any of my recipes.

Stay with me to discover great German and North American recipes.

Contact: andrea(at)bakinginsaskatoon(dot)com


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  1. I love collecting recipes and trying new dishes Pleases keep me in the loop

  2. I am in search of delicious pumpkin recipes prefer the hearty
    – you’ve already tried that? (roast bake / bake as a whole with filling / and the like)?

  3. Marianne McAleer

    Andrea I’m saddened to see the lack of an Irish Stew in your notes. I hope to see you try it out soon.

    • Ohh, don’t be sad. It will happen eventually. If you have a good recipe, send me a note on Facebook. Plus, this is mainly a baking blog, I only throw a cooking recipe in once in a while. I will try to do so more, including the Irish food. I have not forgotten that beautiful country and it’s culinary adventures.

  4. Hello Andrea,
    Could you send me your contact information – I am interested in having you on CTV MORNING LIVE SASKATOON to make some german gingerbread cookies.

  5. Liebe Andrea,

    ich bin gerade über deinen Blog gestolpert und finde klasse was du tust. Deutsche Rezepte “übersetzen” und verbreiten, aber auch tolle nordamerikanische zeigen. Ich bin jedenfalls inspiriert und werde einiges ausprobieren.

    LIebe Grüße aus Dresden


  6. Liebe Andrea,

    I bin ueber deinen Blog gestolbert waehrend ich auf der Suche fuer den Spritz Aufsatz fuer den Kitchenaide Fleischwolf. Ich lebe in der USA und habe bis jetzt noch keinen Erfolg gehabt den Aufsatz hier zu finden. Bevor ich meine Schwiegermutter in Ulm frage wollte ich sehen ob ich den Spritz Aufsatz nich hier finden kann.
    Ueberigens, ich finde deien Blog sehr schoen und werde einige Rezepte probieren.
    Spritzgebaeck ist das Lieblingsgebaeck meiner Familie.

    Vielen Dank and Greeting from NJ


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