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Japanese Chocolate Cornets


I said before that I got a bit into Bento boxes and as a result I look around for recipes and “how to” videos. I stumbled across someone on YouTube, “Cooking with Dog” and she had this recipe up as well. Since I had the whole family over for Sunday lunch I thought this would be the perfect dessert: chocolate and not too messy.

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Food from our Vancouver trip

I’ve already showed you what we had at the German Christmas Market and I must say that was delicious. However, that was not the only food we had on the Vancouver trip of course. Eating out on trips is common and I enjoyed the things we had. Of course my husband was rather annoyed with me taking pictures. There goes the foodie in me.

There are no culinary surprises I can tell you that, but  it was certainly delicious.

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Cinnamon Buns

My father-in-law loves these.

These cinnamon buns are made from a special recipe. Not the ingredients are special, but where the recipe comes from. Last year around fall I started working at a bistro and they sold cinnamon buns, cinnamon buns with raisin and lemon buns. They were made freshly every morning and were huge, like three times the size you see in the picture. The woman who made them is a professional baker and pastry chef. She also made fudge once every two weeks. At some point she asked me if I would do a morning shift or two so that she could have a day off.

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Apple Strudel

Strudel – a perfect way to use apples

Strudel is a type of baking that can be filled with almost everything. Most common is the Apple Strudel but you can fill it with meat and vegetables to make a savory type of dish. In Saxony, Strudel is not as typical as in the Southern regions of Germany and Austria. I remember my grandmother making Strudel but not on a regular basis. Now that I have my own kitchen I try a lot of new recipes and Strudel is certainly one of them. Some say it is rather difficult, which I would have not believed after my first attempt. Now I see though that is can be somewhat of a challenge.

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German Pancakes

Eierkuchen – German Pancakes

This is without doubt one of my favourites and probably 90% of German children love this food. It is not so much something that was baked in the oven but in a pan. German pancakes, which are similar to French Crépes but not as thin. There are many variations to pancakes, this is only one version.

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