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Coming back soon, hopefully

As you have all noticed, not much has happened here on Baking in Saskatoon. This is mainly due to my pregnancy and the lack of energy I feel towards writing. I still bake and cook, take pictures and think of this blog much. Yet, sitting down and bringing it all on paper seems so much work right now that I can’t be bothered.

I hope, however, to get back into the swing of thing because there is a ton of material to post here and I would really love to get back to it. So please, be patient with me and hopefully I will be back soon.

Thank you and much love to you all for 2014.


FBC2013 – First Food Bloggers of Canada Conference

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Andrea MacLeod, Kelly Brison and Kris are being silly in the KitchenAid photo booth.


Yes, that’s quite the title and it is really fitting the weekend that we had, out at the Hockley Valley Resort in Orangeville. It was great to say the least, overwhelming almost. A whirlwind of 3 days of meeting people, eating great food, learning a lot and enjoying it to the fullest.

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Work in Progress

I thought I just let you all quickly know that I am not injured, or dead, or anything else terrible. I am just fairly busy with my daily life and marathon training. However, I am working on a post about the Food Bloggers of Canada Conference that I attended two weekends ago. It should be up and running by this week.

Here a little sneak peak for you.

Photography and Food

Photography and Food


Chocolate Truffles with Raspberry and Merlot

Inside of the Chocolate Truffles2

I always wanted to make some Truffles but never got around to do it. Several pages like Sumptuous Spoonfuls have some lovely ideas on how to go about it. So here I am, making Truffles.

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Weckman – A St.Martin’s Tradition

On November the 11th we celebrate St.Martin’s Day in some parts of Germany. It’s a celebration about sharing and being a role model to other people, showing kindness even though one doesn’t have much him-/herself. As most celebrations, this days also has it’s culinary specialties and the Weckmänner are one of it.

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Leaving on a Jetplane

Tomorrow a little after 2 p.m. this little baker is leaving Canada for the first time since she immigrated in 2010. It means going back to Germany for a three week vacation. As you can imagine, I am happy to go “home”, see the family and meet friends again.

On the other hand, I am a bit…well, scared might not be the right word. Though I am excited I am also thinking about work, and the blog. As the result I have asked several other food blogger and a friend to “take over”. I received 6 guest posts and will post them throughout those 3 weeks.

I looked at the dates and since I am posting every other day I figured I need 11 posts in total to cover those three weeks. This will give me the opportunity to have 5 posts of my own. Yes, although I am on vacation I am very likely to bake. Frankly, my mother insisted I make something for her and her colleagues. She only gets to see what I make but never to taste, it’s only fair.

This is the first time since I started the blog that I leave for such a long period of time. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy the guest posts and that you will visit the bloggers on their webpage or Facebook page and show them that you appreciate the effort.

Thank you to all and I hope I will be able to post some fun German things while I am at home.

Happy baking!

Onion Pumpkin Tart

I still had a Red Kuri pumpkin left from my Saturday shopping trip to the Farmers Market. What to do with it? I had pumpkin soup several times so I thought something new would be nice. This recipe comes from Pastasciutta, a German Food blog.

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2nd Winner Announcement

Well, Michael J. McCoy didn’t claim his prize within the 48 hours given to him. So, as a result, a new winner has been drawn:

Mariel, you win!

Please contact me within 48 hours at with your address so I can send off the cookie cutters and you get the prize before Autumn is over. 😉
Thanks again to all who participated!

And the Winner is…

It’s Tuesday morning and the winner for the Autumn Giveaway has been drawn.

Michael J. McCoy, you won the cookie cutters.

Please contact me within the next 48 hours via email ( to receive your price. Should you not do so there will be another draw.

Thank you to all who participated.




Food Waste


A fellow food blogger from Saskatoon posted an article on Facebook a while ago about food waste. Being a foodie not just includes making, eating, photographing and enjoying food, it also includes reading and educating oneself about food. Where it comes from, how it is produced, how techniques work and also what will happen if it is not bought or not used.

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