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It seems almost natural that whenever I bake or cook I take a pictures of the result. I didn’t use to do that but since I own a SLR I like to do it. It is to show off a bit of course but also important to show you how it looks like. So, photography and taking good pictures are a part of this blog now and here I would like to share my thoughts, discoveries, fails any whatever else is related to it. You will find a list will all related posts here so that you can find what you are looking for.

As usual, if you have suggestions, recommendations, questions or just normal comments: let me know. I love to hear from you.

1. The problem with light

2. What you shouldn’t photograph

3. DIY Lowel Ego Lights


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  1. Loved your posts on food photography :)! It took me quite a while before I felt that I wasn’t too ashamed of showing ppl pictures I took of my cakes.
    Lighting is soo important! I used to live in a really dark apartment with tiny windows and my cakes always appeared a lot less delicious than they actually looked :(. Even though you can adjust the highlights in Photoshop those pictures will never look as good as with natural lighting… Btw, since you also have a SLR, try taking your pictures as RAWs instead of JPGs. This way the picture sort of stores more information and you can adjust the lighting of your pictures a lot better. That’s what I do ;). Fortunately, I now don’t have to anymore, since my new kitchen has nice huge windows facing south ^___^.
    I also loved your thoughts on German vs. North American baking :D. So true! Same here, I still don’t really get why you should use volume instead of weight o__O (except for really small amounts like a teaspoon or a tablespoon). Not a big fan.. I’m all for the metric system, I mean, what’s the deal with inches, feet, yards, ounces, pounds and stones anyway?? So complicated and so not convenient!!
    Thank you for sharing, loved to read it!


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