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Heart Cake Pops

Cute little heart cake pops.

Time to post another Valentine’s Day baked good. I know, the day has passed already but why not make those little ones for other occasions. You could make them for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, random occasion to tell someone you love him/her. Hearts are not just for Valentine’s Day, the are for any occasion.

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What you shouldn’t photograph

Tips and tricks to use this thing right.

You will find almost anything online, you will even find free tips on how to improve you photography. Any blogger, especially food blogger, will like some free advice. The following links all have a “10 tips on how to improve” list and they are all very similar. Nevertheless, it is work reading through them all.

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Sushi Tutorial

Sushi, part of a Bento box.

The other day I posted on Facebook that I cooked Sushi rice and one of my friends asked me if I could teach her how to make Sushi. Since I wanted to make Sushi that night I decided to make a tutorial for all to see and share. Making Sushi is not that difficult, you will need some “helpers” of course but once you have them, or even substituted them it will be easy to make. However, plan to spend some time on it: cutting, preparing, cooking some ingredients will take some time. But you will love the result and your creativity knows no boundaries.

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Watch out – me on TV

As usual I don’t do much over the weekend though I am baking, things I’ve already made. So there is nothing new on that front.

However, I am preparing to be on TV tomorrow. Basically, me on CTV Saskatoon, the local news broadcaster. They have a Morning Show Live and asked me to come in to show off how to make a gingerbread house. 4 minutes of fame for me, and that is a very short time but I am very happy they asked me.

So, if you are in Saskatoon, turn on your TV at around 8.15 a.m. If you are not in Saskatoon then you can check the show at their website: CTV Morning Show Live.

I will see that I can get a copy of the broadcast to put it up here so that people who couldn’t see it (e.g. those who work).┬á Or rather for those who do not live in the beautiful country, e.g. my whole family back home in Germany.

I know mom is already pretty proud and I bet grandma is too. It is her recipe after all so credits need to go to her. Many of the recipes on this blog are a family recipe from either side of the family. My grandmothers had and still have a pretty big influence on my baking and cooking. Also my aunts are awesome in the kitchen and shared their wisdom with me. So, thank you to the women in my family for teaching me a thing or two.

Have a good day, enjoy your Sunday, and if you have 4 min tomorrow morning then turn on your TV or go online. If you can’t be sure to check back later because I will upload the clip as soon as I can.

Thank you and happy baking.