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Aroma’s Burger Event


Here in Saskatoon we have a pretty high density of restaurants per capita, which means you have a big choice when it comes to dining out. Finding a good restaurant can be a challenge though. Aroma, the Mediterranean restaurant in the Radisson Hotel, is a good choice for an evening out.

Chef Trevor Robertson created some new burgers at Aromas for Saskatoon. They are different, they are delicious, they are a must-try.

Though Aroma is a Mediterranean restaurant you still can easily go there and treat yourself to one of the new burgers. The restaurant already has a great pizza event every Wednesday starting at 4 p.m. with half prices and discounted pints. These fabulous new burgers are right in that line as well.

My husband and I were seated in a nice little corner and studied the menu immediately. The choices for the burgers are:

– Blue Cheese & Caramelized Onion Burger
– Bourbon BBQ, Aged White Cheddar, Prosciutto Burger
– Smoked Jalapeno, Chipotle Mayo, Jalapeno Jack Burger

We decided for the last two and were not disappointed. All burgers are served with a soup (of the day), or salad, or Truffle fries. I decided on the soup, which was a cabbage borscht and my husband loves fries, so that was his selection.

Before we even got the ordered burgers we were treated to some black and green onions and anti-pastie, not uncommon for an Mediterranean restaurant. I am not a fan of olives but my husband liked them. The anti-past was some bread with a paste of sun dried tomatoes and herbs and a splash of fine dark balsamic vinegar. The combination was very delicious.

I was very impressed with the burgers when they arrived. Just alone the buns, which are house made, were crisp yet slightly soft. The burger patty is made from 100%  certified local organic grass & grain fed highland beef from Cactus Lake, SK. It was thick and juice and the grilled flavour was right there. The burger was garnished with lettuce, tomatoes and some red onions. It was so big, even my husband had trouble eating it. If the meat patty would have been a tiny bit bigger to fit the bun completely and bit thinner it would have been easier to eat.

The Bourbon BBQ sauce as well as the Jalapeno Mayo were well created, full of flavour and perfect for each burger. It was actually difficult to decide which burger was better. The Jalapeno Mayo was slightly spicy but not so much as to loose the flavour of the meat. The Bourbon BBQ was smokey with a well rounded Bourbon flavour that one would come back for easily.

Both sides, the soup and Truffle fries were the perfect size and very tasty. We actually had trouble finishing our meals because we had ordered an extra French Onion soup. As per my husband, one of the best soups he ever had. I especially enjoyed the crisp onions that garnished the soup.

The combo is a perfect meal, enjoyable in a wonderful atmosphere with dark finished wooden tables and walls. The staff is quick and knowledgeable, making this a great evening experience.

The burgers are $15 or if you want to have a beer with that (recommended are Rickards Red or Guinness) you only pay $20. In case you are not too much for burgers but like to tag along with your buddies, they also offer a Seafood Lovers selection of Crab cakes & Grilled Shrimp with Avocado, Green Onion Sauce, Iceberg Lettuce or Kimchi Cucumber with Iceberg Lettuce for the same price as the burgers.

We left Aromas satisfied, having enjoyed a nice evening out with delicious food. I hope to see the Burger Event becoming a regular, it is still going until the end of September, so hurry.

Happy eating!






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