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Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes dinner

The other day I made a simple dinner with ham, vegetables and mashed potatoes. I thought I would share our family recipe with you because I think it’s different from what most people make.

I really love mashed potatoes but the first time I had some in North American I was quite disappointed. The mashed potatoes I got were, well, nothing like I am used to.


– cooked potatoes
– milk
– butter
– salt
– nutmeg

Mashed potatoes

Cook your potatoes until soft and falling apart. Using a fork or masher, break the potatoes up. Add salt to your liking before you add butter and milk. If you use salted butter, make sure you don’t use too much table salt. The amount of milk and butter you add to your potatoes depends on how creamy you like it. Combine all with a hand mixer. Add nutmeg to liking when serving.

You see the difference is the hand mixer and my families mashed potatoes are more like creamy potatoes I guess. There is no real English word that I could use.

In German “mashed potatoes” are “gestampfte Kartoffeln”. But we rather eat “Kartoffelmus“, which is when you translate it more like “Apfelmus” – “apple sauce”, so “potato sauce”. Of course that sounds a bit wired so lets go with “creamy potatoes”. Yes, culture and culinary difference are a beautiful thing.

Mashed potatoes with nutmeg

Tip: When re-heating cold creamy potatoes you should add a bit of milk to make it creamy again.

Happy Cooking!


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