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Angry Birds Cake Pops and M&Ms Cake

A friend of mine asked me if I would make cake pops for her son’s birthday party. He particularly likes Angry Birds. You know, those little colourful birds which are angry at green pigs for some reason or another. I have no iPhone or Android so I do not play that game. (I know my husband does, once in a while.) So, here I am, making birds.

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Lalaloopsy Cake Pops & Confetti Cake

Lalaloopsy character cake pops.

Again, before I start, there is a Giveaway on this blog. Check out the Easter Giveaway. Thank you for stepping by.

Now to this post: I am a big fan of cake pops, it is a lovely idea for any party because you can customize them fairly easy. The first time I saw them was on the front cover of a Betty Crockers magazine, Halloween pops by Bakerella. (Find her page here.) Since then I am hocked and I make them whenever it seems suitable, like appreciating dads on Father day.

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Heart Cake Pops

Cute little heart cake pops.

Time to post another Valentine’s Day baked good. I know, the day has passed already but why not make those little ones for other occasions. You could make them for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, random occasion to tell someone you love him/her. Hearts are not just for Valentine’s Day, the are for any occasion.

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Cake Pops

A week ago I was making a cake for my sister in law’s baby shower. Unfortunately the cake broke and I was left with various pieces and no way to fix it. Reason for that “disaster” was too much shortening. I still have to get used to the measuring over here and when the recipe is asking for 1/3 cup oft shortening I shouldn’t use 3/4.

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