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Changes and Plans for 2012

Have a good new year!

So I was looking at my blog and notices that the menu starts to get a bit cluttered. Originally, I just planned on having a baking blog, now I realize that that is foolish. I am not a SHAM, I don’t have kids to feed or their classmates to feed. As a result I can not possibly bake every day, not even every other day. I wish I could, there are enough recipes out there to try. I also don’t come up with my own recipes (yet) or have a small business so that I can post almost every day.

Lets face it: I am just a regular girl, with a regular job and regular life that permits me once in a while to go nuts in my little kitchen. But baking every is just not possible, which means that I can’t have a post for you every day or even every other day.

On the other side, I do cook as well for me and hubby. As a result I will include more of the cooking we do in the house here on the website. I picked up on Bento boxes, so you should look out for those.

As a result there will be some little changes on the menu bar and shifts so that you will be able to access the content easier. I am also hoping to put up a banner soon. I have been thinking about this before but haven’t come up with a concept yet.


Otherwise I was thinking on having themed months and I would start off with Bread January, which would includes bread and buns. I am not sure what to do for the rest of the 11 months. If you have any suggestions, please leave comments below.


About andreamacleod

Take a KitchenAid Artisan machine, a young wife, time, creativity and mix it well. You end up with endless options of baking goodies from German torte to North American cupcakes. Follow me on my baking and cooking adventures and throw in your cent or two. There are no limits!

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  1. if you included a nice recipe for amazing savory muffins….I would appreciate that. i think most of them u get in cafes and shops are just sooo tasteless…i thought about making my own and would appreciate great ideas….so maybe with some fresh herbs, olives and parmesan or feta cheese….what do u think??


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