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The other day on Facebook one of the pages I “like” posted a link called “Why From-Scratch cakes are Healthier than Box Mix Cakes”. Immediately I was all ears or rather eyes and read through the rather short post. (This is the link.)

I am a major advocate for from scratch things, be it cake, cookies, or cooking. The article’s main argument is that you have more control over the whole situation. You can substitute if you know who that works, you can choose how much of what goes in there. If you have a box cake you can not omit sugar because it’s a bit too sweet, you probably couldn’t change the fat either because it wouldn’t work well if you do so.

Most people now would argue that a cake mix is faster and you might be right as in so far that you only have to look for two or three things instead of five or six. But when it comes to basic cakes it is pretty much all the same. One of the comments that were left actually said she tried both and timed it. Her results were off by like 30 seconds or so.

Some people might argue that you can learn how to bake with cake mixes. I beg the differ. While it might teach you how to put things together it does not teach you baking, it teaches how to mix. My first cake was a simple cup cake with a twist. It uses club soda to give it a kick but all ingredients are measured with a cup.

I also know that people complain that you can make so many mistakes. Well, isn’t that the point of life? Making mistakes and learn from it. That’s how we live, right? Same with baking. I once forgot some flour in muffins I made for the family. Of course they didn’t turn out the way I wanted but my brother just loved them.

While browsing through some of the comments I found one that had this link called “When Flour Power Invaded the Kitchen”. That was a real interesting read because it looks on the history of the cake mix. An invention of the industry of course, to increase flour sales. First, it didn’t take off so well because you only needed to add water. But then, someone thought of changing the recipe so that fresh eggs needed to be added. Put put big ads telling everyone that it will safe so much time and bam…there you have it.

Funny thing, back home I used a cake mix once in a while. Frankly, there seemed to be more variety back home. Maybe it’s my imagination but it seems here in Canada it’s white cake and chocolate cake, maybe a little twist on it but that seems to be it. Or I am shopping at the wrong grocery store, not sure.

When I browse through Pinterest or blogs and I see a nice pictures and think “Uhhh, recipe.” I usually end up with something that I won’t like. Meaning, take a mix, or use frozen this or that and then go ahead. No, I don’t want to use something pre-made from the store, I want to make it myself. Get my head and hands in there and be creative. (Good example are cake pops. Most of the time people suggest using a  cake mix.)

Please go and try make your cakes and treats from scratch. You will have more control over it and enjoy it a lot more.

Happy baking!


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Take a KitchenAid Artisan machine, a young wife, time, creativity and mix it well. You end up with endless options of baking goodies from German torte to North American cupcakes. Follow me on my baking and cooking adventures and throw in your cent or two. There are no limits!

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  1. Absolutely!!!! I never use these mixes and I also think they are a lot more expensive….I can measure and mix flour and sugar as well so no need to by premixed stuff…big girl 😛
    And I also think, if you dont even need to add eggs anymore…isnt the premixed stuff then full of E’s and all these funny things that arent really good for you? That way….my home-made and mixed-by-me cake is healthier already 😛 like that argument and having healthy and cake in one sentence 😀


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