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Saskatoon’s First Food, Fork & Foodie Event

When I started with the whole food blogging I obviously looked around to see what’s out there. Well, you might already know this but there are tons and tons of food bloggers online and they all have their different styles and stories to them. I am not sure where exactly I found it but along the way I saw the Food Bloggers of Canada, which gives you interesting insights into food blogs but also a list of food bloggers in each province & territory. As of today there are 6 food bloggers in Saskatchewan, that’s a not a much compared to BC or Ontario. One of the other food bloggers is BS’ in the Kitchen and so the Foodie Event was born.

Carlene and Bob Deutscher are brother and sister and stand behind BS’ in the Kitchen. He is more on the cooking side of things while she is rather the baker in the family. Their blog is stuffed with recipes until you drop dead probably and they have been featured by several media outlets by now. The news would be GLAMOUR btw. Carlene has connections to Alberta, to be exact to Dan Clapson from Dan’s Good Side, and they do Food Blogger Meetings over there on a regular basis, as I understood it. So Dan encourage something like that over here too and Carlene I would assume was all fired up.

Right to left: Dee, Amy, Deborah, and Theo.

So, on March 18th of 2012 we had Saskatoon’s first Food, Fork & Foodie Event at the Rook and Raven in downtown Saskatoon. Thanks to everyone having business cards I am able to recall every person. (First thing on my to-do list after the meeting was to get some business cards. I had no idea I would “need” some considering I am writing a food blog and do not provide any real service.)

Right to left: Noelle, Jenn, and James.

Dee Hobsbawn-Smith from Curious Cook, Amy Jo Ehman from Home for Dinner and author of Prairie Feast, Deborah Vanston Scott from In the Stewing Pot, Theo Phillips a dietitian who works for Savour Life Magazine, Noelle Chorney from Amazon in the Kitchen, James Romanow from Dr. Booze, Penny Mckinlay from Wanderlust and Words, Renee Kohlmann from SweeSugarBean, Jenn Sharp who write for Bridges, Dan Clapson from Dan’s Good Side, Bob and Carlene Deutsch from BS’ in the Kitchen and of course yours truely from Baking in Saskatoon. There were also two friends that came along who are not food bloggers but food enthusiast.

Left to right: Penny and Renee

It was a nice little round of different type of foodies. (Btw, on my other blog I wrote about being a foodie a while ago “Thoughts on Being a Foodie“.) There are those typical food bloggers that will put up recipes, then there are those who write about food in general, cook but don’t really upload any recipes. There is Penny who rather write about the people who stand behind the food that we consume and how they make it, what their philosophy is, and she will give you some tips on where to find good food. Some are free lance writers who happen to write about food.

Left to right: Dan and a friend.

The central theme though is food, no matter if you produce it, cook it, write about it or whatever else you can do with it. We all share that common element and we all love it, in our own way. It was nice to meet so many different people that have their unique way of looking at the same thing. It was interesting to see where everyone is in their lives and how they got to be a food and what they are up to. I learned some good insights (like business cards, still blowing my mind) and put several things on my to do list. Also, there is so much more that I could do but it just seems I am lacking the time for it. I could read more about the food scene in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, the world etc. I should be more up to date about restaurants and I guess some trends and so on. *sigh*

Left to right: a friend, Bob, and Carlene.

After such a meeting there are thousands of thoughts going through ones head. “I wish I had move visitors to my page.” “I should get business cards.” “Where do I get said cards?” “I need a better, more prominent design for my page.” “I should host my page and get rid of the wordpress part in my address.” “I should get a smart phone.” etc., pp. (Yes, you read right, I do not own a smart phone.) Some days after I made a list of things I should get underway very soon. On the top of that list is a personalized design and I am happy to say that is under development. After that I will change the website a bit and host it myself. Facebook will get an update as well and those business cards will be printed. You never know what you will need them for, right?! 😉

There always needs to be a picture of food. This is what I had:
chicken pot pie and salad

While I do not anticipate any national fame anytime soon I secretly hope that my blogging will extend and maybe one day, far far in the future, I will publish a recipe book. That would be awesome. I know, it’s really far in the future but I think I could contribute to the millions of cook books out there.

Happy blogging!

P.S.: New recipes will be added soon on the blog. I had no reasonable time yet to take pictures and using the Lowel Ego lights now it takes a bit effort to put that up. *pinky promise*

P.S.S.: Sorry about those somewhat blurry pictures. The lighting was not optimal obviously.


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