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Cinnamon Stars

Pretty and tasty.

Yesterday I didn’t bake because I taught in the evening. That’s my Thursday evening activity: teaching German to little children. After that I am too tired to do anything but go sit and maybe have a glass of wine. But thankfully I baked a bit more so here comes another favourite German Christmas cookie recipe. Cinnamon Stars are quite common all over Germany I would say. As with many recipes, this comes in different forms as well, some add a spice here or there, or have a different way of preparing it.

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Coconut Cookies

Coconut cookie that don’t look like the one Mama makes but still are yummy.

I will be frank with you – I don’t like coconut. It is a taste I just don’t like, no matter which form: milk, fresh, cookies, whatever is out there. But coconut cookies are another staple for Christmas in out house. It is not one of the very old recipes because coconut is rather a recent thing. Recent? Yes, recent, because I am pretty sure they didn’t have coconut 100 years ago in regular house holds. There are some Christmas cookie recipes that are several hundred years old. For example, the Springerle are known since the Middle ages and where first used by churches.┬á This recipe is certainly not as old but if you like coconut this one is for you.

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Vanillekipferl, an Austrian Christmas cookie.

I just look up Vanillekipferl and if there is an English word. Apparently not, but the English Wikipedia knows what it is. Vanillekipferl are staples for Christmas, I don’t even think we have it any other time (most of our Christmas cookies are really just for Advent time and Christmas). Those little fellas were usually made by my grandmother on my father’s side because she comes from Austria and this is essentially an Austrian delicacy. They are simply to make, but somewhat time consuming.

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Mama’s Christmas Cookies

Must have for Christmas.

These cookies are my absolute favourite Christmas cookie, ever. I am not so sure where the recipe comes from, however, I know mom made these for Christmas since I can remember. It is a really simple recipe, the issue is: do you have the means to make the shape?

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