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Baumkuchen is a German specialty, which is especially popular during Christmas time. Let me quickly dissect the name for you so you know what it all means.

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Snowman Cake Pops


After showing you have to make Christmas Tree and Present Cake pops, lets keep going and see what else we can do for Christmas themed cake pops.

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Present Cake Pops


This is going to be a little series, since I made various cake pops for an order. All were Christmas themed and we started with the Christmas tree three days ago. Now we need to put something under it.

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Christmas Tree Cake Pops


I am sure by now that cake pops a good for pretty much any occasion. So far I’ve made regular round ones but also character ones like Angry Birds or Lalaloopsy. Of course they are perfect for Christmas as well. How about some Christmas trees?

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Christmas Meringue


First of all: I am sorry. It’s been 8 days since my last post and I am truly sorry. It’s been so busy here lately that I had no time to either photograph or write. I am baking but I am also baking old recipes that I’ve already posted. For example, I made 15 dozen Raisin Cookies, which left me with 20 egg whites. Some of those were used in the Christmas Macarons, one or two were used for Spitzbuben cookies. But I still have some left and so I made this Christmas Meringue.

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Christmas Macarons

Wild Serendipity, a local baker in Saskatoon, was kind enough to share her Macarons recipe with the world on her blog. Click here for the original post. She has learned the craft at the famous Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, so she knows what she is talking about. I wanted to try her recipe because it is slightly different than the others, and let me tell you, it worked like a charm.

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Mini Stollen

It is mid-November and that means Christmas is not too far away. Some Germany Christmas items one will find during December need to be prepared somewhat in advance because their ingredients need to sit to develop the right amount of flavour. One of these items would be the Christmas Stollen, a yeast cake with dried fruits and nuts. Great way to share with friends and family is a mini version.

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Christmas Dinner


I hope you all had a good Christmas with your family, or, if you are apart from them (for whatever reason) you had a good day nevertheless. Remember, home is where the heart is and even though if you are apart from your family, in your heart they are always with you.

Christmas is decoration, gifts, singing, family and (sometimes above all else) food. Many family have a traditional Christmas food they will put on and where else could you tell the cultural difference better than on the table?

Now, this is a general observation from what I have experienced. By all means, this does not mean that every family is doing this, so I am talking generalizations. If your family is doing something totally different: please do share.

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That little bit of fame and a vacation

So, I was on TV, early in the morning. Ok, it was 8.17 a.m. so still manageable but nevertheless, I was on TV. Thank you CTV for having me, it was so much fun and the host Chris made me feel comfortable. Of course I was quite nervous, never done anything like this and now what? But it worked out fine and though there is room for improvement it surely wasn’t too bad. However, 4 min are just too short.

If you would like to see the clip, go to CTV Morning Live and look for the “Gingerbread with Andrea MacLeod” clip on the right hand side. I am not sure how long it will be up there, maybe another day or two. I am hoping to get a more stable version up of course (all right are with CTV Saskatoon obviously).

Thank you to all the people who stopped by and check my page. I certainly appreciate your interest. I also have 30 fans on Facebook, which is not all too much compared to other pages, but really nice. Especially since some of those people are not friends or family but complete strangers that take interest in what I do. Of course the same thanks needs to go out to my blog followers here on WordPress. Thank you!


I am sure you know yourself: it’s Christmas time, which means of course baking and cooking but also time for holidays/vacations. That’s what me and my husband will do. Tomorrow we will leave for Vancouver and we won’t be back until the 31st.

I have no recipes or posts pre-written so there will be a little drought here on the blog. However, I hope to upload some pictures from the German Christmas Market with it’s delicious food. So watch out for that.

In the new year I hope to get back to baking asap of course, I should also throw in some cooking I was thinking.

Questions to all: What is your favourite baking/cooking recipe?

Share it here on the comments or post it on Facebook and I will give it a try. I like to try new things and though this blog is here to show off German and North American recipes I certainly would love to try everything else you think is good.

I wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka or whatever you might be celebrating and a Good New Year. Take care and hope to see you back soon.

Happy baking!


I like to try thing that are new to me.

First of all, Thursdays are really busy with me because I teach German in the evening. As a result, I have little time for baking or for posting. Yesterday just didn’t work out but you’ll get something really old today.

Old as in traditional of course. The thing though is, I tried to get some more information about this particular Christmas item but couldn’t really find anything. As far as I can tell this is a variation of gingerbread but different to the one you can find on this blog.

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