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Pumpkin Bread Mini

Mini but big and fluffy.

I guess this is a belated fall post, at least for the Canada region. Snow has hit us here already, so we are in Winter mode. While we had our short autumn though I browsed the web for pumpkin recipes, or rather, there were everywhere. Being from Germany, pumpkin is not at all a staple in my autumn baking. My family once in a while would have pumpkin sweet sour as a dessert but it never suited me much. Here, pumpkin comes in many forms, mainly as pumpkin pie but also as loaf, muffin, bread, cupcake and anything else you might imagine. I accumulated a good list of recipes, about 10 pages long. I am not sure if I will be able to make them all, but it is good to know you might have the right recipe at hand.

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