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Hmm, supper.

So, after some thinking about what I want this blog to be, I thought I will share some cooking with you as well. I think I am not doing as nearly as much cooking as I do baking, or maybe it just seems to me like that. Thus I thought this would be a mere baking blog. But, I do some nice cooking as well, my husband at least has not fallen off the chair yet. As a result I will share some of my cooking “recipes”.

Why did I say “recipe” instead of just recipe, well, a wile ago I read a post about cooking vs. baking and what’s the difference and which one you like better any why. Break down: most people said baking is more precise and if you do not stick to the recipe it can go terrible wrong. With cooking however, you can throw things together that do not seems to go well together but do after all. No real recipe is required as long as you like what you are doing. I think that holds mostly true because if you understand some basics when it comes to cooking then you should be able to just create away.

This lasagna recipe is a perfect example of that. I can’t give you exact measurements for this as I don’t have any. But I will explain how I came about this and hope you will try to make your own at home.

I know lasagna from my mother’s making and I always liked it. We are pasta eaters but lasagna does not happen all too often because there is some work involved. I looked into my cookbooks and onto the box of lasagna pasta but neither really gave me the recipe I was looking for. So I just combined what I read and knew.

What you need:

– lasagna sheets, mine where whole grain
– ground beef/pork/turkey, which ever you prefer
– tomato paste/soup/sauces
– cheese
– whipping cream
– onions
– spices

Mince some onion, how much you use is up to you. Brown it and add the ground meat, I like to use half beef and half pork. Beef alone can be sometimes a bit dry, adding pork gives it a nicer textures. Once your meat is cooked you add the tomato base. Now this is absolutely up to you: some might like a pure tomato paste base, others might like to mix it with sauce or soup. I found that the tomato soup here makes for a nice sauce base. Quite frankly, I can not remember what I used this time but I would guess tomato soup. Mix it well with your meat and add spices to your liking. Some salt, pepper, paprika, and basil will work well.

From back home, I remember that there was also a white sauce involved in making lasagna. I assumed it had something to do with whipping cream (which can be sweet but doesn’t have to). So, I took maybe 250ml whipping cream and cooked it together with shredded cheese. We do not like too strong cheese so I used mozzarella, you might use anything you liked. It should be a cheese that melts because that’s what you are looking for. Do not boil and stir in between until slightly thick.

You need a deep dish for lasagna, there are even special dishes for that. The deeper the dish, the more layers you will have, which is the goal I would say. To assemble the lasagna: start with your ground meat-tomato mix, which will give the base a layer of moister. Place the pasta sheets on top and add a layer of your whipping cream-cheese mix followed by the ground meat-tomato mix. Keep going like that until all is used or your dish is full. Finish with either grated cheese or sliced cheese. Bake at 180°C until you see bubbles on the side and the cheese is golden brown.

If you like you can add vegetables into the ground meat-tomato mix, or just throw them in as an extra layer. My husband likes spinach in his lasagna, I’m a meat only type of person when it comes to this dish. As I said above, cooking is less of a science than baking is. Pretty much anything goes as long as you like it.

Happy cooking!


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