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How to make Quark

Your first question, if you are not German or European, would be: What is quark? The answer is not as easy as I wish it would be. Let me start with a general introduction and we can go from there. Quark is very common in Germany, especially in Quarktorte or Käsekuchen, our cheese cake. It’s also used with herbs on baked potato. Now you might say “Ah, like cream cheese or sour cream?!”, no, not quiet.

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Cheese Buns

I had some cheese left over from making Goldfish Crackers (see the recipe for those here). Those are fun to make though a bit tedious because the cutter is small. What to do with left over cheese? Besides eating it as it is, which I am not fan of, I thought I could do some more baking with it. A quick look into one baking book and voilá I have a cheese bun recipe.

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Bread January – Cheese Biscuits

I told you that I will have themed months for 2012 and I certainly hope I will be able to keep that up for all 12 months. January will be about bread and not just bread but also buns and we start off with a biscuit. (Ok, that neither falls under bread nor under rolls I believe but I think you get the meaning.)

Biscuits are certainly not too common in Germany, at least I don’t recall them from home or anything. I believe the first time I came across them was when I lived in Northern Ireland. The Islands are known for their love of biscuits, crumpets and scones. They come in various shapes and flavours and are really versatile.

This recipes is another of those that I learned at the Bistro when working at Dutch growers and I love them a lot.

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Homemade Goldfish Crackers + DIY cookie cutter

Cheesy fishies

I wish I would be the genius behind this, unfortunately I am not. *boohoo* I am not even sure how I came about this but I think it was featured on Freshly Pressed here at WordPress. Or I stumbled upon it like I tend to: I click a link which leads me to another and another and another. You get the idea, eh? So when I saw it at Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen (click here) and Smitten Kitchen (click here) I was blown away. You can make your own crackers? Heck ya! Especially when you look for a little snack for 2-3 year olds at Sunday school which is not Tim Hortons or muffins (cause they had those last time). Plus, it totally fit with the theme we discussed.

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Hmm, supper.

So, after some thinking about what I want this blog to be, I thought I will share some cooking with you as well. I think I am not doing as nearly as much cooking as I do baking, or maybe it just seems to me like that. Thus I thought this would be a mere baking blog. But, I do some nice cooking as well, my husband at least has not fallen off the chair yet. As a result I will share some of my cooking “recipes”.

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