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Pulled Pork and BBQ in a Bag

Pulled Pork on a plate with BBQ sauce

Pulled Pork

A couple of weeks ago there was a wedding at my parents-in-law acreage. For an easy lunch my mother-in-law made some pulled pork and served it with some side salad. It’s easy to eat while running around and doing some things. I was amazed by the flavour, not just of the pork but also my the soup that was left over as a result.

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German Schnitzel

Again, yummy food.

When it comes to meat, Germans are quite versatile, at least that what’s I like to believe. One of the finest ways is to make Schnitzel. It is basically to fry the meat. The original Wiener Schnitzel, Vienna Schnitzel, uses veal. I am not too big a fan of it, I rather prefer the pork version. I believe that you can also make chicken Schnitzel. How to make such a delicious food? Click “Read the Rest”.

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Hmm, supper.

So, after some thinking about what I want this blog to be, I thought I will share some cooking with you as well. I think I am not doing as nearly as much cooking as I do baking, or maybe it just seems to me like that. Thus I thought this would be a mere baking blog. But, I do some nice cooking as well, my husband at least has not fallen off the chair yet. As a result I will share some of my cooking “recipes”.

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