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Mama’s Christmas Cookies

Must have for Christmas.

These cookies are my absolute favourite Christmas cookie, ever. I am not so sure where the recipe comes from, however, I know mom made these for Christmas since I can remember. It is a really simple recipe, the issue is: do you have the means to make the shape?

Once you made the dough and let it stand for a day you will need: a meat grinder. Yes, I am not kidding you. I think this is the part that I find most memorable: my mother in the kitchen, handling the real real real old kitchen machine with the meat grinder attachment. That machine is so loud, you can hear it on the other end of the house. I believe it belonged to my grandmother, maybe my great-grandmother. It’s for sure though that if the thing ever breaks there will be no replacement parts for it and my mother would have to buy a modern one.

Yes, Christmas at my parents house was a loud one, at least some of the cookie baking time. Otherwise it was really nice and cozy. While my mother made those Christmas cookies I would usually take care of the Plätzchen, fun shaped cookies that you paint with icing. Though mom needed a lot of space to make the cookies and I basically do to in my tiny kitchen.

I was not sure if I would be able to make those cookies. Fortunately, my husband bought me a KitchenAid Artisan machine, which has the capability to attach a meat grinder. A quick search on Google and I found an attachment for the machine to make cookies. See pictures for reference, it is a bit difficult to describe.


– 500g flour
– 85g margarine
– 85g butter
– 2 eggs
– 170g sugar
– 1 tsp. vanilla
– 25g baking powder
– pinch of salt

Pieces of dough, one at a time.

You should prepare the dough one day before using it. Basically you only need to combine all ingredients, kneading it well. It will take some time, the butter needs to soften by the warmth of your hand, so don’t worry. Either put it in the fridge for one day or let it sit outside, well covered.

That’s the best attachment ever.

In Saskatchewan the air is rather dry, especially in winter time, so watch out for that. When you work with the dough it should be fine, but when it rests for the whole day you might want to check.

Neatly alined cookies pre-baking.

Next day, take the dough, knead it again and take small portions to use it in the meat grinder. Make the cookies as long as you like but be careful, the tend to be somewhat fragile. I found the length of my middle finger is a good size.  Place them on a cookie sheet lined with baking paper. Don’t worry about rising, those cookies don’t tend to expand too much.

Post baking, yummy goodness.

Once cooled you can either enjoy them plain and simple or dip one side into dark chocolate. *yummy* If you should want to make those cookies you could also form them by hand. It is not as nice but still good enough.

Happy baking!


About andreamacleod

Take a KitchenAid Artisan machine, a young wife, time, creativity and mix it well. You end up with endless options of baking goodies from German torte to North American cupcakes. Follow me on my baking and cooking adventures and throw in your cent or two. There are no limits!

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  1. I also remember making these cookies with my mother and was happy to find your recipe..I will try it 🙂 I don’t have my mothers recipe. But I just bought the attachment from Ebay and received it yesterday so now I’m ready to back. The attachment I bought was called “The Bosch attachment for piping biscuits” I was so very happy to find this attachment because they are hard to come by…thank you for your recipe…I hope it is as good as my mothers 🙂

  2. i would like to get this attachment 😀

  3. can you tell me which attachment you used for the kitchen aid machine I live in ny and looked everywhere!!!!! please help

  4. Thank you so much for the attachment info. I have been looking for so long. Can’t wait!!!! I hope it fits my KitchenAid.

    • P.S. The attacment in your photo looks to have more cookie shape choices than the Weston one. Are they different?

      • My attachment is from Germany, so yes, it’s different. But the result should be the same. I honestly just use one of the shapes of mine. (Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see your comment, using my phone most days it seems to not show everything.)

  5. Can you help me get one of these cookie attachments? Any help is greatly appreciated.

  6. I don’t know if I missed it, but can you please tell me the degrees to bake and for how long?

    • You didn’t miss, for some reason it’s not in the post.
      Middle heat, so about 180°C for about 10 min or until golden brown. It depends on your oven a bit, so watch it first time you make them.

  7. Hi,
    I have been looking for this machine cookie maker forever but what ever I find it is not for Kitchen Aid machine. I even called Kitchen Aid company and they have no idea what I am talking about. I saw you posted a site where we can find this cookie attachment. Would WESTON cookie maker fit Kitchen Aid meat grinder? Is that what you’re using on your Kitchen Aid machine? Please let me know and thank you so much.

  8. Thank you so much! I just ordered a cookie maker from tomatomilling site and I think this one will work. The cup looks smaller with wider outskirt, exactly what Kitchen Aid machine needs. Lets hope it works, I will let you know so that other people can order it as well. I was surprised, with the shipping it came to just below 10 euros, a good deal indeed. I am so excite!!!
    My grandmother use to make these when I was a little girl, I loved eating them and ever since I moved to Canada I haven’t had any. In my country (Yugoslavia) everyone makes these cookies but I never had a chance to find this cookie maker here or in the USA. I thought…oh well…this is something that people in Europe only use, until I came across your site.
    Again, thank you so much and happy moving!

  9. Yesterday I received a cookie maker which I ordered from Germany from tomatomilling site you posted and it fits the Kitchen Aid perfectly. Today I made cookies using you recipe here and they came out delicious! Again, thank you so much.

  10. Good day how can I order the cookie make ro mincer I am in Cape Town South Africa

    • I am not sure what suppliers you have in South Africa. You could Google the attachment and see what options you have.
      I have some links in the comments for North American suppliers.

  11. Marcia Correia

    Whats the name of the mold I try jupiter and MatterPoint didn’t fit on my kitchenaid

  12. I have this attachment but lost the recipient. Thank you so much

  13. Have another question. I made spritzgeback for years only this year they did not keep their shape. Any idea what causes that?

  14. I would love to get the attachment ,can you please let me know where .

  15. Thank you, I looked it up ,they do ship but vey expensive .almost 100 euros to have it shipped to Canada.


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