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The “No baking” post

I would love to have this one.

I wanted to tell you what you need to make a gingerbread house and how you would go about this. But apparently my computer here doesn’t like my flash drive. Now that was a first so I am without pictures and there is no point in posting a “how to” without pictures. As a result you get a post without baking, well, maybe some tips that I can think of. On the other hand, I can talk about some random things, like that apron.

Yes, I love Star Trek and there are many bakers out there who love it equally. Honestly, I haven’t baked anything Star Trek yet, but I might, one day…maybe soon. Anyway, if you are a fan, this apron certainly makes you look good in the kitchen. You don’t like TNG (The Next Generation) that much? How about something from the original series then?

Ahhh, Spock!

We all shall live long and prosper if he’s helping with the cookies, no? There are loads of gadgets out there which can help you with your everyday preparing a meal or baking. Of course the average person would think “What?” but the Star Trek lovers amongst you will love those things. You can buy cookie jars, pizza slicers, wine bottle opener or beer bottle opener (or you get them in a three pack), you can buy mugs of course, and salt an pepper shakers. There is even a cookbook out there in which you can find all the favourite dishes of each character plus all drinks from Quarks Bar (Deep Space 9). I might have to look into that one but I am not sure if I want to have anything Klingon, food being alive and all that.

So much for Star Trek. There are other things we can talk about…like Star Wars. *haha* It probably has as much gadgets as Star Trek. That happens when you have a lot of people liking something. Especially funny with Star Wars is the “Star Wars Cantina” song though. Look here for the song: Star Wars Cantina.

Besides baking I do like to cook as well and there is one particular thing that I love above all else: Sushi. Ok, so you don’t have to cook this one all too much but it is delicious. We have some All you can eat Sushi Bars here in town and boy do I like to go there. Especially the Crispy Roll, that’s the one I could eat all day long. If you like Sushi you might want to see this movie: Jiro Dreams of Sushi. A film about one of the best Sushi chefs in Japan and probably world wide. I would love to visit his little Sushi Bar, in a Subway station. Yes, you can find beauty in the littlest places and where you would never thought it exists.

So much from me today. Sorry that you won’t have a recipe today but as we draw closer to Christmas it all gets more hectic. Oh, I will have a little break over Christmas and New Years cause we will be on the road. Maybe I can post a short update with some yummy food in between.

Stay tuned and happy baking.


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Take a KitchenAid Artisan machine, a young wife, time, creativity and mix it well. You end up with endless options of baking goodies from German torte to North American cupcakes. Follow me on my baking and cooking adventures and throw in your cent or two. There are no limits!

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