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Saskatoon Farmers Market

Not overly crowded, but it was cold that day.

As you figured by now I don’t post over the weekend. I probably would have time to do so, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Or I am so busy with things that I don’t have time. Saturdays have a certain routine for us. Usually I talk to my mother in Germany, then we go to the Farmers Market, after that we either go grocery shopping or swimming, though swimming hasn’t happen in a long while.

I like Farmers Markets and the one in Saskatoon is certainly a little jewel.

The  first time I visited the market was probably in 2008 but it has been in existence since a good while. If you want to know more about their history you can check that here. It is located on Ave B South, just in front of the River. There is a good amount of parking but you have to pay for it now. It used to be for free but the city I believe changed that.

During summer months you will find indoor and outdoor vendors. Outdoor vendors will be several framers with they fresh produce, there is a fruit truck from BC, herbs and spices, a honey stand and all sorts of things. The indoor vendors are the regular ones, bakers, meat producers, fish, a winery, knitting, aprons, wood work and so on.

I will show you some of my personal favourites, which I visit almost every time I go to the market.

Lets start with Giuseppi’s, a food vendor at the far end, where you would go outside to the outdoor area. They sell the best lemonade on the planet. I am not kidding! I have never had anything like it and it is one of our “must get” when there. They also sell a goo variety of quiche, burgers, soup and hot dogs (which are home made).

The very nice team of Giuseppi’s.

While there are many vendors who sell baked goods (and all look fantastic) there is one stop I have to make for bread. The bread guy: I don’t even know the name of the guy, that’s why you get the picture to go with it. He’s located in the middle isle and you will see his breads out. The other day I bought a potato bread which is nice and fluffy but has a good crust. I also had a Pumpkin & black pepper bread which was really flavourful. He also has rolls, for example lentil rolls. Those really yummy when you heat them and put butter on. Good for road trips.

The Bread Guy, making good artisan bread.

My sweet tooth is satisfied by Wild Serendipity Foods with the best scones you’ve every seen. She also has macaroons and other little nifty things. She has about 10 flavours if I am not incorrect and I really like the Vanilla & Chocolate Chip one. For more information on her and the products and what else she has in store: check this webpage.

Oh those scones, I love them.

The first time I hit the market I couldn’t believe my eyes, the had popcorn there, freshly made, in front of you! During the summer time you will find the Kettle Korn Kitchen outside because they make it fresh and the thing is hot. During winter times you will find them inside on the left side, close to the door to go to the outside area of the market. What so special about them? They make sweet popcorn, the popcorn you will get nowhere else. (I can’t stand the other stuff at the cinema, it makes me feel…not so well.) Here I get my monthly dose.

They provide me with cinema snacks.

I am not a big beef eater (my husband is) but I do like a nice sausage once in a while. Benlock Farms have beer sausages that are almost European. That’s where I go to get one on the go. They also have good cuts of Angus beef, mostly frozen as far as I know.

Good local meat.

During Christmas season you will find many Christmas Markets in Germany. Once staple there are roasted nuts, mainly almonds are a favourite. Fortunately, you can get roasted nuts all year round at the market here. Roasted Nuts – Bavarian Style have roasted almonds, roasted pecans, roasted almonds with chilli and now they have roasted peanuts with, I believe it was a beer flavoure. (I am not sure on that.)

The poor guy had to get up at 4 a.m. to be at the market.

During summer time we pick up some fresh produce from Grandora Gardens. They have everything from Cucumber to Peppers and, very important, the hot stuff. If you like it spicy you need to pay them a visit. They have the hottest peppers in town.

He’s the most nice guy to buy tomatoes from.

Finally, my favourite vendor. I wish I could pick up something every week, but that wouldn’t be too good. The Living Sky Winery is one of two wineries in the province and I tell you, you won’t regret it. They make really good fruit wine from Saskatchewan grown produce. They have currant, cherry, apple, rhubarb, cassis and framboise. They also have an apple cider and for a short time rhubarb cider. They also have two dessert wines as far as I know. The winery started in 2010 and so some wines are already sold out. Check out their webpage and contact them to ask for what they have left or make a reservation. At the market they are located in the middle of the middle isle. Pay them a visit, you will not regret it!

So much fun at the Living Sky Winery and so good wine.

Their wines win awards, eh.

This is only a short overview of the market. There are many more vendors who are all great and there every Saturday. You can also go on Wednesdays and Sundays is a crafts market. Check their webpage for details.

Happy Shopping!


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  1. Oh I love farmers markets! We have a number here in New Zealand as well and often they sell products that I miss from Europe and that you dont find easily in supermarkets. Especially when it comes to bread – they are fantastic!


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