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A Regional Canadian Food: Saskatoon Berries

Finished Saskatoon Berrie Pie with flower and butterfly finish

Finished Saskatoon Berrie Pie with flower and butterfly finish

I almost forgot about the Canadian Food Experience Project post for this month. You can tell I am a bit out of the food loop. *sigh* This month it’s all about regional food and again, it’s tricky. How regional is regional in a country like Canada?

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Restaurant Review: Two Gun Quiche House


If you’ve been to the Farmers Market in Saskatoon before you probably know of Bill and Giuseppi’s. They have the best lemonade by far in town and serve quiche, burgers, sandwiches and soup. Bill opened his new restaurant this past Saturday, September 8th on 20th Street and we went to check it out.

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Leipziger Lerche – A Local Specialty

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Give me a drum roll please! Here it comes! The one and only Leipiger Lerche (Leipzig Lark) recipes is finally here. I have already shared enough cupcake recipes, like this, this, and this. But up until now I had no real occasion to make the other half of my blog title: Leipziger Lerchen. It’s like, well, actually there is nothing I can compare it with. See for yourself.

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Saskatoon Farmers Market

Not overly crowded, but it was cold that day.

As you figured by now I don’t post over the weekend. I probably would have time to do so, but sometimes I just can’t be bothered. Or I am so busy with things that I don’t have time. Saturdays have a certain routine for us. Usually I talk to my mother in Germany, then we go to the Farmers Market, after that we either go grocery shopping or swimming, though swimming hasn’t happen in a long while.

I like Farmers Markets and the one in Saskatoon is certainly a little jewel.

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