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Lalaloopsy Cake Pops & Confetti Cake

Lalaloopsy character cake pops.

Again, before I start, there is a Giveaway on this blog. Check out the Easter Giveaway. Thank you for stepping by.

Now to this post: I am a big fan of cake pops, it is a lovely idea for any party because you can customize them fairly easy. The first time I saw them was on the front cover of a Betty Crockers magazine, Halloween pops by Bakerella. (Find her page here.) Since then I am hocked and I make them whenever it seems suitable, like appreciating dads on Father day.

Friends have seen them and tasted them and one asked me to make a set for her daughter’s 5th birthday. Of course I agreed because it’s not that hard to make them. Unless you do characters and then it is layer after layer. Of course I wasn’t thinking she would ask me to make a character cake pop. Oh how wrong I was.

Do you know Lalaloopsy? No? Me neither, but apparently it’s a doll set where every doll has its very unique character. Thanks to the cake pops for her party was introduced to that world. I was ask to make three characters *tears* and my timing was more than unfortunate. The night before the party I was taking care of my sister-in-law kids. They are cute as buttons but it took until midnight, so nothing got done.

Fortunately, I backed the cake and rolled the cake pops before hand. They keep nice in the fridge or you can even freeze them. Just make sure you get them out in time. The cake that was requested was a confetti cake. Never heard of that either but you learn, thanks to the internet. It’s a simple white cake, with sprinkles. I used the white cake from the “Recipes for young Adults” book, which is a white cake.


– 250ml flour
– 7 ml baking flour
– 2 ml salt
– 50 ml shortening
– 125 ml sugar
– 2 ml vanilla
– 1 egg
– 100 ml milk
– sprinkles to your liking

White cake batter. If you think it’s too thick then thin it out with milk.

Sift all dry ingredients together and set aside. Cream the shortening and sugar in a mixer until well combine, then add the vanilla and egg. Once that is mixed well you alternately mix in the dry ingredients and milk. When your batter is finished you fold the sprinkles under the batter as quickly and carefully as possible. Fill into your cake pan and bake at 180°C for about 25 min or until a toothpick comes out clean.

Tip 1: Do not over-mix the batter and the sprinkles. Sprinkles tend to bleed, e.g. you cake will have a grayish-brownish colour. Some bleeding will still occur when you mix quickly but not as much.

There go the sprinkles, e.g. confetti.

How to make cake pops:

Let the cake cool off and crumble is up into a bowl. Then add 3/4 of vanilla or chocolate frosting and mix it well until everything is moist and sticks together. This is an experience thing really and no one can tell you how much frosting you really should use. It depends on the size of the cake and the moisture content. Form a ball and see how well it sticks together. If it crumbles easily you will need to add more frosting.

Once you have your mixture ready you start making balls, e.g. heads. I used a scale to make sure they are all the same size, about 25g per ball is good. Roll all your balls and place them in the freezer for about 10-15 min. You can prepare the flesh coloured chocolate while you wait. Since I didn’t have any chocolate coating that had this colour I had to mix it myself.

Flesh coloured chocolate coating:

– white chocolate wafers
– red
– orange
– yellow
– green

Start with white and red to mix a light pink. Then add a bit of orange and yellow until you have a peach colour. Depending on the shade you might need to add more white. If you are looking for a darker skin colour you want to add some green. Green and red mix as brown. You might have to experiment so find the right share.

Tip 2: You can start with just a bit of chocolate wafers to find your shade. Once you have that you can mix a bigger batch and use the small batch as a reference.

Tip 3: To make the chocolate a bit smoother and runnier, add a bit of Crisco.

Take the cake balls out of the freezer and let them sit for a bit. If the cake balls are too cold and the chocolate is too hot your cake pops will crack. Dip the lollipop stick into the chocolate and insert into the cake pop, set aside on a plate. Do this for all your cake pops and place them in the fridge for 10 to 15 min. Now dip each cake pop, tapping lightly to remove excess chocolate and stick them into a cake pop stand or a Styrofoam board so they can dry.

How to make Lalaloopsy faces:

What was I thinking? Oh my…those Lalaloopsy dolls have ton of detail. The hair, the button eyes, and so on. This is a bunch of work but once you have it figured it will be easier. Three doll faces were asked for: Suzette La Sweet, Sir Battle Scare, and Jewel Sparkles.

First, search for high quality pictures so you get all the details. Fair warning: it’s unlikely you will get “back” pictures of a doll. They always show the front, so you have to be creative about the back of the head.


Sir Battlescarred seemed to be the easiest so I started with him. I took regular chocolate wafers and put some in a small zip lock bag, microwaved it and cut of a tiny piece of one corner. With that I was able to draw the eyes and hair. I had no black or dark chocolate for the eyes to brown had to do. Make sure your chocolate is not too soft, otherwise it will run down. You basically want it to be thicker to so you can draw those locks. You should start with the eyes so that you have a point to go on. Then you draw the hair, starting just above the eyes, drawing the hair to the middle of the head. Go all around the head and let dry for a bit before re-doing some layers. Once that is finished you take some rosé and draw the cheeks. I used food gel and a brush to draw the mouth. I also used that for the cross on the yes but before I took a toothpick to draw that cross.

My interpretation of the little one.


Now on to Jewel Sparkles, she’s the one with the purple hair. Getting that hair colour right was impossible for me, I hope I got close though. You do the eyes again because this is your centre and focal point. Then I dipped the head in the chocolate to create a hair line and the sides. The top hair line looks like that and the sides and back is handy in case you can’t cover all with stringy hair. Then I took purple chocolate, into the zip lock back, corner off and go. This one need real layers because it has those piggy tails. Basically you have to go over and over again to make it look like the hair do. I wasn’t quite able to make it look like it but I thought it was close enough. Finish it off with the mouth, eyes and the little beauty mark.

The cake pop version.


Last but not least was Suzette La Sweet. Tiny nightmare this one, I can tell. Again, start with the eyes and once those are dry you do the hair but this one needs to be on an angle. Then draw the little lock she has with a brush and let it dry. She has four roll ups (or whatever you like to call them) and I did those on wax paper. Just draw a little circle and let it dry. The space was an issue so she only got three on each side. Draw a thicker line from left to right and stick the drops in, let it dry and then do the little curls. This one needs some thicker chocolate as well as layers. Finish it off with details like the mouth, eye lashes and beauty mark.

What I came up with.

*phew* Making ten of each was some work and it took me about 4-5 hours to do it. The chocolate needs to be melted in the microwave over and over again. The eyes need to leveled out with a tooth pick, which takes some time too.

The girls should have had rosy cheeks but I just lacked the time. Plus, they were missing there bows, again, no time for that either. But they had some other details so it was leveled out.

Overall, I am one happy camper with this one. Considering the detail and that I have never done anything like it before…yeah, it was pretty good. Of course I like to have things perfect so I am a bit unhappy about the missing details.

They really looked adorable.

The mother of the birthday girl was in awe and loved them very much. Fortunately, the birthday girl liked them as well. It was worth it.

They got extra “cake pops” that were not on a stick or dipped in chocolate. Besides the time factor it would have been a mess with the kids. Chocolate in hands is never a good idea, especially not with little one.
So basically, I made a confetti cake again, mixed it with chocolate frosting and used a round cookie cutter to make the shape. Then I put a bit of chocolate on it and stuck a sugar cookie button on top. Very simple and very effective.

Cake pops, not on a stick, no chocolate either, but they have buttons.

The kids liked all of it and it was a great party, though I just stayed for a bit.

Happy baking!


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