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Croissants on the BBQ

It’s been over a week or so that we had some nasty weather here in Saskatoon. The forecast said something about rain, storm, possibly hail, basically nasty weather. When I drove home it looked more or less ok but I knew it was coming. That day we also planned to have friends over for supper (including their kids). We were still debating on stove or BBQ and while I started on the croissants the power went out.

Yes, I just unrolled my Pillsbury Croissant Dough (regular and whole wheat) when the lights went out. *sigh* Are you kidding me? Please be a short black out and come back quickly! You really don’t realize how much we depend on electricity until it is gone. And gone it was, for a good long time. Since we didn’t have any power we went with the BBQ.

Noteworthy here is that we do not have a propane or natural gas BBQ, we do it old school with charcoal. Usually my husband would use an electric starter for the coals but well, that didn’t work obviously. So out comes the newspaper and start blowing on that fire. It took a good porting of the evening until we had that going but fortunately it was in time.

It started raining during the fire process and my husband was standing out there with an umbrella. I suggested at some point to move the BBQ under the overhand and out of the rain. *genious me* The steaks and chicken was done almost in time for our friends visit. They also brought the vegetable part and we just threw some bread on the BBQ to make toast. Simple supper but delicious nevertheless. It also has to be noted that our friends brought the best dressing ever.

On to the dessert:

– Pillsburry Croissant Dough
– Nutella
– Jam (any flavour you like)

Unroll the dough and add a nice dollop of Nutella or jam on the long edge of it. Carefully roll it up into a croissant shape. I probably should have glazed it with some butter, but that got lost in the commotion of  no power.

Transfer to a baking sheet doubled lined with aluminum foil and then parchment paper. Cover with aluminum foil and place on the grill, close the lid and bake at 15 min. Check if done and bake some more if necessary.

Tip 1: The aluminum foil will reflect some of the direct heat.

Tip 2: Make sure the croissants are not directly placed on top of the heat source. A bit on the side and you won’t have burnt bottoms.

I completely worked here on the fly and the first result was some burned croissants. Although you can always remove the burnt part and no one was complaining. A BBQ is just not an oven but if your power is out it is the next best thing. It was sitting at 200° F if I am not incorrect, which is somewhat lower than the recommended 350° F but it will work nevertheless.

There was enough heat to back three sheets of croissants and I am glad of it too.

It was interesting to have a powerless evening while friends where over. The kids of course didn’t like that all too much. They want to play (we have no kids, so no toys either) and be entertained. It was funny to see how they checked the light every so often and asked if the power was back on. One of them even asked if he could watch TV and shouldn’t it have its own power source? I am sorry for the kids. On the other hand, it never really bothered me as kid. But these are different times.

Anyway, it was a lovely evening and the power came back on after 7 hours, around midnight.

Happy BBQ baking!


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