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Stacked Pork with Sour Cream and Ketchup

Lately my life has been busier than ever and I try to keep the regular life things as simple as possible. That’s also true for potluck cooking and the last visit to Germany gave me the perfect idea. My mother made the same dish for my birthday and it was a big hit.

It simple, it’s fast and you can do it in the slow cooker or crock pot. It will render a good amount of meat for everyone as well.


– pork roast or cuts
– ketchup
– sour cream
– mustard
– onions
– salt
– pepper
– paprika

The amount you will need is entirely up to the amount of people you wish to feed. Since potluck is sharing and you are not suppose to feed every single person I had a reasonable sized pork roast that I cut into filets.

Mix half ketchup, half sour cream and add a hint of mustard, this is your sauce/dressing. Pound the pork filets on both sides and add salt, pepper and paprika on both sides.

Cut up onions in half rings and set aside.

Take out the crock pot and add a bit of sauce/dressing to the bottom so that the meat will not stick to it. Then lay out one layer of pork filets, “sprinkle” with onions and add more sauce/dressing to cover it up. It doesn’t have to be completely cover though. Repeat steps until all meat is used.

Cooked the meat/onion/sauce mixture on high for an hour or two and then reduce to a low setting for another 30 min to 1 hour. This depends much on how thick the pork filets are. As usual: the thicker they are, the longer it will take.

We tend to eat this with some whole wheat buns but some potatoes or rice will work just as well. If you liked you could also add some bell pepper cut up to add more to the vegetables side of the dish.

Happy cooking!


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