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Easter Giveaway

I am so excited…

Spring and Easter cookies.

First of all, my Facebook page (have a look here) has over 50 Likes. *awww* I barely can contain my excitement. I know that compared to other pages it’s rather low. But considering I didn’t start this too long ago it’s big news for me and it also means I hit a personal landmark. A while back I was thinking I should do something for my 50th Like and well, here we are.

Royal Icing is something I need to work on.

So, I am very excited to announce the First Baking in Saskatoon Giveaway. There were several options I had in my mind and some of them were nice but not really useful for a giveaway. Especially since I am going to make this internationally. Yes, you read that right. If you are from the other side of the world you are eligible to win. (I find it a bit frustrating when you see nice giveaways online but you can’t enter because it’s only for US residents. That’s annoying when you are from Europe but plain frustrating when you are sitting the neighbouring country.)

So cute.

Keep in mind, this is my first giveaway and I am, by no means, one of those big blogs that get nice big stuff from big companies.

This is an Easter Giveway and you can win these two lovely sets of Wilton Easter Cookie Cutters. The winner will receive two sets of 3 cutters each, e.g. you end up with six cookie cutters.

The Prize!


– The contest will run from Sunday, March 11th, 2012 until Sunday, March 18th, 2012.

– The contest is open internationally and is not restricted to any country
– You must leave ONE comment underneath this post, telling me what you favourite Easter treat is
– You have a second chance of winning if you “like” my Facebook page and leave a separate comment here that you do
– The winner will be drawn at random by
– The winner will be announced on Monday, March 19th, 2012 on this blog
– The winner has 48 hours to contact me, if s/he fails to do so, another winner will be picked by
– Baking in Saskatoon is not responsible for lost mail

Disclaimer: Both cookie cutter sets where purchased by me and not provided by Wilton. I was not paid by Wilton for advertising for them or any sort of thing.

Good luck to all and thanks for stopping by!


About andreamacleod

Take a KitchenAid Artisan machine, a young wife, time, creativity and mix it well. You end up with endless options of baking goodies from German torte to North American cupcakes. Follow me on my baking and cooking adventures and throw in your cent or two. There are no limits!

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  1. I love this blog! And my favorite Easter treat has to be the sugar cookies that we make every year. Chocolate eggs are good too!

  2. And I “like” your facebook page!

  3. The icing really makes these cookies look good! I am glad that you are making progress with this site, I enjoy reading of your culinary adventures.

  4. first of all- what a nice idea of u…and u already have 53 likes:)…
    my favourite treat has nothing to do with sweets but the eggs we used to color on our own…not just sink it in and done but the ones we decorated ourselves 🙂

  5. I favorite Easter treat is anything with chocolate!

  6. I like you on facebook.

  7. Favorite Easter Treat….oh yeah, all these nice typical German Easter sweets pop up in my head….I love the chocolate eggs with cream filling inside oh yum! I love the coloured hard boiled eggs we would eat from Good Friday till Easter Monday…. I love the tradition of searching for your treats everywhere in the garden….do you do that in Canada as well? And, but Katja mentioned it already: colouring and painting Easter Eggs 🙂 such a fun thing! My mom bakes a bluberry cake in the shape of an Easter lamb, which is also something i love…
    so yeah, lots of favourite Easter treats 🙂

  8. oh gosh, probably cadbury creme egss. I’m a bit addicted to those!

  9. oh, and I’m here: lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  10. I love cadbury eggs! they’re an easter staple for me 🙂

  11. I like your facebook page!

  12. My favorite Easter treat is marshmallow eggs.

  13. I used to hate my favourite Easter treat when I was little: egg liqueur cream cake. For my 25th birthday, however, my mom made one for me, decorated with marzipan bunnies and eggs – and I loved it so much! Apart from that I really like Blätterkrokant (brittle) eggs. BTW: These cookiee cutters are just adorable 🙂

  14. I wish I could try one or two or….of these cute easter cookies!!

  15. oh and i like your facebook page as well 🙂

  16. I love Easter eggs. I almost have to stop myself from taking the kids eggs after the hunt.

    dr2baka at gmail . com

  17. I probably love the malted milk eggs the most, them or marshmallow peeps. Gotta love food coloring!

  18. I like Peeps

  19. like u on fb Julie A Scott Laws

  20. I’m actually not so much into the whole sweet stuff during easter, more into the the lamb roast with Feta cheese (which was marinated in oil and herbs before) and cherry date tomatoes which my mom always makes for easter! HEAVENLY I tell you!!

  21. mini eggs of course

  22. annnnnd I already am one of your 50 fans on fb 🙂

  23. You have given me the inspiration to try the Lalaloopy cake pops for my little granddaughter. She has every mini Lalaloopsy doll except Tippy Tumblelina and Sir Battlescared. She knows all their names and what pet and accessory goes with each. Your cakepops were do adorable, I hope I can do half as well. By the way…my granddaughter is only 4 and she eats, sleeps, and talks Lalaloopy’s and her mom-mom’s cake pops. I think I should give it a try and see if she will recognize them. Thanks again for your pictures and instructions.


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