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Mini Cinnamon Cheese Cake with Pecans

Piece of Cheese Cake

This week we invited some friends out for supper to thank them for helping out last October. We set up the Fondue since we haven’t done that in a while and it’s a lot of fun. You can eat while you talk and not stuff yourself like crazy. The challenge was dessert because one of your friends is living gluten free.

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Chocolate Truffles with Raspberry and Merlot

Inside of the Chocolate Truffles2

I always wanted to make some Truffles but never got around to do it. Several pages like Sumptuous Spoonfuls have some lovely ideas on how to go about it. So here I am, making Truffles.

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Red Velvet Cake

I don’t know what the hype is about the Red Velvet Cake. It seems to be a big thing on this side of the planet, for whatever reason. For me, it’s a cake with red colour, that’s it. I doesn’t taste like anything special, at least I didn’t notice. But, I admit, it looks pretty and is very appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

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Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Icing

Hazelnut and Chocolate goodness

I was looking for a quick recipe for some cupcakes that I wanted to bring to a teachers’ meeting. So I looked into my “125 best Cupcake recipes” by Julie Hasson. A lot of those recipes are with buttermilk and I had none at home. (Note to self: always have some buttermilk in your fridge.) However, Hazelnut Chocolate Cupcakes were buttermilk free and I had the necessary ingredients: fluffy, fluffy and more fluffiness.

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