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Revised: Easter Wreath

Easter Wreath Top

Last year I made an Easter Wreath for my German Language class. This year I thought I revisit that recipe and see how I can improve on it. Since then and now I have actually found fresh yeast and thought I would give it a try.

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Guest Post by Helene

Helene’s Easter Cookies

May I introduce to you: Helene. She won the Easter Giveaway Contest and was quite excited about the cookie cutter from the beginning. They arrived in New Zealand on time and she sent me a pictures of her cookie. So I asked her if she would be so kind to write a guest post for the blog. She had the same thought and was happy to write something for me. Here is her thoughts on baking, cookies and blog entries.

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Easter Wreath

German Easter Wreath

Every Thursday I am teaching German in a German Language School. My class is the Level 2, which means the kids are between 8 and 12. There is also Level 1, Level 3 and a high school class. The Level 1 teacher usually bakes a bunny (yeast dough) for her class to explain what Germans do for Easter. This time, however, she was somewhat sick and not really able to bake something. I pitched in and made the Easter Wreath.

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