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Restaurant Review: Two Gun Quiche House


If you’ve been to the Farmers Market in Saskatoon before you probably know of Bill and Giuseppi’s. They have the best lemonade by far in town and serve quiche, burgers, sandwiches and soup. Bill opened his new restaurant this past Saturday, September 8th on 20th Street and we went to check it out.

We were greeted by friendly staff and quickly presented with the menu. We had a choice between quiche, soup and sandwiches. For the first few days the Two Gun Quiche House only has a short menu. The full menu will be available starting Tuesday, September 11th, 2012.  Bill already told us that you will find quiche, sandwiches, and home made sausages on the menu. However, there will also be local Italian dishes, which you will not find at your typical Italian restaurant. Since Bill has Italian roots I am sure those will be authentic and most delicious.

We decided on the Italian quiche with Italian sausage and a side of cold slaw. You can also choose to have a soup or regular salad with your quiche. The food was delivered quickly and we enjoyed the meal thoroughly. The quiche had the right amount of spice and a lovely, flaky crust. The cold law was fresh and crispy with a nice little touch of a halved strawberry as decoration.

Of course there was also dessert, to be specific, pie. My husband enjoyed a Saskatoon berry pie while I savoured my cherry pie and both were served with a bit of cream.

We only had some water because it was Saturday lunch. Currently you can order non-alcoholic beverages but they are working on acquiring a liquor license. Once that is obtained they will serve wine and some 1920s cocktails.

The restaurant is located at 135 20th Street West in Saskatoon, which is just off Ave B and around the corner from the Farmers Market. The restaurant is spacious with about 9 to 10 tables, which seats 4 people. They are aiming for a 1920s feeling with rustic interior and you will find Wanted pictures of the big Mafia Bosses on the wall.

They are open Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Quiche with side is $10.50.

I am looking forward to try more of their food and enjoy the atmosphere that Bill has created with this unique restaurant.

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