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Food photos from my Germany trip

I spent 3.5 months in Germany, from October 2014 to mid January 2015. I also took a trip to Graz, Austria and Prague, Czech Republic. The following pictures were taken during that time, all with my smart phone camera. As a result, some pictures are not too well light, over exposed due to the flash, or grainy due to the lack of light. I was able to get some nice pictures but not all are awesome. Yet, I felt I should show them anyway, it was a fun trip with awesome food after all.

Click on a pictures to see it bigger and the caption.


More Food from Our Vacation

Oh boy, oh boy. Three weeks of vacation at home and one adds some pounds. No wonder, we were able to eat some really good food, most delicious. Here are some more pictures from those three days. We have Sushi, Döner, and home made meals in this post. Hope you enjoy it.


How to make Quark

Your first question, if you are not German or European, would be: What is quark? The answer is not as easy as I wish it would be. Let me start with a general introduction and we can go from there. Quark is very common in Germany, especially in Quarktorte or Käsekuchen, our cheese cake. It’s also used with herbs on baked potato. Now you might say “Ah, like cream cheese or sour cream?!”, no, not quiet.

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Home-made Banana Pudding

We have rather crappy weather these days which means there is only one course of action: bake, cook or make comfort food in any way you can. Pudding falls into that category. Banana is a favourit flavour of my husband so the other day I made him some home-made banana pudding. He was very happy.

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Chocolate Chip Cookies – The Classic One

So simple, so classic, so yummy.

Believe it or not, but it took me almost two years to make these North American classics. I mean, chocolate chip cookies are the symbol of North America. You see them in movie and TV shows and, well, there always seems to be a big deal about them.

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Homemade Goldfish Crackers + DIY cookie cutter

Cheesy fishies

I wish I would be the genius behind this, unfortunately I am not. *boohoo* I am not even sure how I came about this but I think it was featured on Freshly Pressed here at WordPress. Or I stumbled upon it like I tend to: I click a link which leads me to another and another and another. You get the idea, eh? So when I saw it at Miss Anthropist’s Kitchen (click here) and Smitten Kitchen (click here) I was blown away. You can make your own crackers? Heck ya! Especially when you look for a little snack for 2-3 year olds at Sunday school which is not Tim Hortons or muffins (cause they had those last time). Plus, it totally fit with the theme we discussed.

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