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Yeast Dough Nectarine Braid


What to do when you have two nectarines and you don’t really want to eat them? As usual, you use them to bake them. According to my husband this is an awesome recipe and extremely delicious.

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Banana Pudding Chocolate Chip Cookies

Browsing Facebook or Pinterest can lead to some interesting discoveries. One of those was this particular recipe form Two Peas & Their Pod. Bananas, pudding, and chocolate chips in one recipes? Yes please!!! Especially since my husband is a fan of “banana everything” (his words).

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Home-made Banana Pudding

We have rather crappy weather these days which means there is only one course of action: bake, cook or make comfort food in any way you can. Pudding falls into that category. Banana is a favourit flavour of my husband so the other day I made him some home-made banana pudding. He was very happy.

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Strawberry Torte

Great dessert for summer afternoons

Summer means strawberries and strawberries mean either eat them as you pick them or make a torte. This is a personal favourite of mine and I associate this torte with family get-togethers and fun.  It is easy to make and really light, in my opinion. Using fresh strawberries for this recipe is almost a must.

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