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Christmas Meringue


First of all: I am sorry. It’s been 8 days since my last post and I am truly sorry. It’s been so busy here lately that I had no time to either photograph or write. I am baking but I am also baking old recipes that I’ve already posted. For example, I made 15 dozen Raisin Cookies, which left me with 20 egg whites. Some of those were used in the Christmas Macarons, one or two were used for Spitzbuben cookies. But I still have some left and so I made this Christmas Meringue.

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Meringue Germany style

What do you do with left over egg whites? You make meringue of course, and I am not talking about lemon meringue pie, I am talking about meringue “cookies”. It sometimes happen that I have egg whites left over, for example during Christmas baking, or Easter baking. One of my Easter recipes, which I still haven’t shared, uses 9 egg yolks. NINE! Sure, you can just toss out the egg whites but what a waste that would be.

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