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Book Review: “Poptails” and Triple Berry Treat

Who doesn’t like a cocktail once in a while? Especially when you are out with some company in a nice little bar. At home though, no one really mixes is own cocktails, unless you have an awesome bar in your house or you are a bartender. Yet, once in a while you wish you could do that for a party you are giving. Regular cocktails though a bit boring. Fear not! “Poptails – 60 Boozy Treats Served on a Stick” will surely help you out.

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Berry Cake Pops and Raspberry Cake

A friend of my, the talented Maki from Maki Fotos, asked me to make some cake pops for her Studio Grand Opening. She had a good idea of what she wanted and after some communication and brainstorming it was settled.

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Raspberry Cupcakes with Raspberry Cream

Raspberry, more Raspberry and some more Raspberry.

I think I said it before, most of my backing happens because of some sort of gather, like a potluck, or because I have something left over and need to use it. Last Wednesday was a potluck and I had something left over from previously baking. As a result these lovely cupcakes were created and I changed the recipe a bit. Cutting cupcakes in half just seemed bit weird to me.

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Eclairs with Raspberry Cream

Delicious eclair with even better cream filling.

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Most of my baking happens because I want to bring something to a party or meeting. I ponder for a while what I should make and usually find something because I have the ingredients or because it goes with the theme. Most of the time I have never made the recipe before, I like to venture into the unknown and hope it will work out in time.

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