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Pulled Pork and BBQ in a Bag

Pulled Pork on a plate with BBQ sauce

Pulled Pork

A couple of weeks ago there was a wedding at my parents-in-law acreage. For an easy lunch my mother-in-law made some pulled pork and served it with some side salad. It’s easy to eat while running around and doing some things. I was amazed by the flavour, not just of the pork but also my the soup that was left over as a result.

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Potato Soup – A Family Recipe


January is kind of slow when it comes to baking. Christmas is just behind us and there a still some lingering cookies here and there. So, a bit more focus on the cooking side might be not too bad an idea. That’s where this recipe comes in. It’s simple and quick and delicious and, well, you get the point.

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Pumpking Soup

You might know that I am a member of a German Cooking and Baking Club here in Saskatoon. We have monthly events with a certain topic and the upcoming on is “Pumpkins & Apples”. It didn’t took me long to figure out what I wanted to do: Pumpkin soup!

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Cold Leek & Potato Soup – JC100 Week 5

It’s been a rather busy week with me, at work and at home. I barely had any time to make anything this week. However, I was able to make the Week 5 of JC100 recipe, Cold Leek & Potato Soup. The recipe is fairly easy and actually a base for many other French soups. It’s also nice during hotter days when you don’t feel like a big meal or anything hot.

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Lentil Soup

It tastes like home.

Maybe I should rename this month and call it the January Soup month. It seems I am cooking more soup than I am baking bread. I shall attempt to make more bread or buns, but for now, lets stick with this soup. It’s another one of my favourites, I guess that’s what I made it last weekend for the family. It’s also fairly simple.

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Ukrainian Soljanka: meat, sausages, bacon, pickles, bell pepper…

This soup originates from East European countries and is a very popular dish in East Germany. It is based on a sour flavour from pickle juice and rounded out by sour cream and lemon when served.

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