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2nd Winner Announcement

Well, Michael J. McCoy didn’t claim his prize within the 48 hours given to him. So, as a result, a new winner has been drawn:

Mariel, you win!

Please contact me within 48 hours at with your address so I can send off the cookie cutters and you get the prize before Autumn is over. ­čśë
Thanks again to all who participated!

And the Winner is…

It’s Tuesday morning and the winner for the Autumn Giveaway has been drawn.

Michael J. McCoy, you won the cookie cutters.

Please contact me within the next 48 hours via email ( to receive your price. Should you not do so there will be another draw.

Thank you to all who participated.




Food Waste


A fellow food blogger from Saskatoon posted an article on Facebook a while ago about food waste. Being a foodie not just includes making, eating, photographing and enjoying food, it also includes reading and educating oneself about food. Where it comes from, how it is produced, how techniques work and also what will happen if it is not bought or not used.

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Julia Child’s 100th Birthday and JC100

Today marks the 100th Birthday of Julia Child, that tall woman who taught American how to cook French cuisine and who took cooking to a whole different level. Frankly, I can not say much about the state of cooking the the United States in the 1960s. But from what I hear, it wasn’t the best or rather very versatile. Well, I grew up in the GDR behind the iron curtain, our daily meal was probably not much better or exciting. Julia with her personality and perspective on food changed all that, and much more.

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How to make Quark

Your first question, if you are not German or European, would be: What is quark? The answer is not as easy as I wish it would be. Let me start with a general introduction and we can go from there. Quark is very common in Germany, especially in Quarktorte or K├Ąsekuchen, our cheese cake. It’s also used with herbs on baked potato. Now you might say “Ah, like cream cheese or sour cream?!”, no, not quiet.

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Food Blogs and Their Influence

Sometimes, as a food blogger, I am wondering how many people I reach and what kind of influence I have. Ok, I know how many people I reach thanks to the “My Stats” page on WordPress. And yes, on can get obsessed with those little gadgets, checking back so often to see if more people have visited me. But besides that, I am also wondering about how people perceive my page. Do they see it as a resource for recipes? As and inspiration to get into the kitchen and bake/cook? Are they attracted by the pictures or rather disgusted? (Some people don’t like food, right? Or at least not desserts.)

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Freshly Pressed – I wish

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The current “Freshly Pressed” list.

The first thing you will notice when going to WordPress is their front page with the “Freshly Pressed” blogs. At first, I didn’t quite understood this but thought it was nice. Several topics are always presented, like travel, food, books, movies etc. It’s interesting to see what is out there, what people write about and what moves them. This was before I had my own WordPress account.

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